Wake Forest Electrical Services

Reliable electrical systems enhance your quality of life as well as the energy efficiency and safety of your home. For over 30 years, Wiretech Company has provided quality electrical services to our neighbors throughout the Triangle area. Whether you need repairs, maintenance or an installation, we accommodate all your service needs.

Residential Electrical Services in Wake Forest

Wiretech Company’s solutions prevent more complex issues and ensure your systems are in top condition. Our many residential electrical services include:

Electrical Vehicle (EV) Charger Installation in Wake Forest

One of the upfront costs of investing in an EV like a Tesla is installing an EV charger. These chargers are convenient and reliable. Once they’re installed, it’s easy to make sure your car is charging during the day while you’re working or overnight in preparation for the next day.

Our Wake Forest electricians will start by visiting the requested installation location so we can inspect the electrical panel and the area around it. After we make some calculations, we’ll provide you with a price estimate based on the expected load and how far the panel will be from the EV charger.

Once we agree on the price estimate, we’ll get started on installation right away. After the job is done, we’ll also come out for a follow-up inspection and ensure that everything has turned out exactly how you wanted it to.

When you have the option to choose your installer, choose one of Tesla’s referred contractors in Raleigh.

Wake Forest EV Charging Incentives

Many are recognizing the importance of eco-friendly alternatives, particularly when it comes to the cars we drive. Some organizations, including ones in North Carolina, even offer incentives in exchange for making better choices.

Residential EV chargers come in two power supply levels: Level 1 electrical vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and Level 2. Level 1 can add about 2-5 miles per hour of charge, while Level 2 adds anywhere from 10-60.

Electrical Safety Inspections in Wake Forest

We want to ensure that every one of our customers stays safe and protected in their homes. That’s why we provide electrical safety inspections. In addition to making sure your systems function properly, our evaluations can help make your home even safer and minimize costs on energy consumption. We’ll detect small issues before they become expensive complications and make sure you pass insurance risk assessments.

Request a Wiretech Company Electrician in Wake Forest

Whether you’re in need of basic electrical residential services or a more extensive EV charging station installation, our electricians in Wake Forest will meet you where you are to service electrical panels, wiring and other devices.

We’ve been serving the Wake Forest area since 1990, and our customers have trusted our safety record ever since. Contact us today to keep your home as safe as possible and work with a company that cares about your electrical needs.