Surge Protection


With all of the electronic equipment we use today, including TV’s, game systems, computers, mobile devices, stereos and other music streaming devices, as well as the myriad of electronics in every appliance in your home, you need protection from power surges. The value of these items usually reaches thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Protecting your home from surges not only helps prevent blow-outs, but it also extends the life of those items under the regular daily fluctuations in your electrical current.

If you're in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, call Wiretech Company today to assess your house for proper surge protection. 

There are two types of home surge protection:

Primary Surge Protection.

Primary Surge Protection is installed at your electrical service panel and protects you from nearby lightning strikes and general power surges from your utility company. We use Eaton & Sycom Surge Protectors for primary surge protection to take the larger surge voltages down to 130 volts.

Secondary Surge Protection

Have you ever noticed when your air conditioner comes on or you start up your vacuum cleaner the lights will blink or dim for just a second? That is a secondary surge that is created by the sudden large electrical demand in your electrical system. This sudden additional load, or power surge,  is not protected by the primary surge protector at your electrical panel, because it is inside of the house. We use Leviton Surge Receptacles to protect from the secondary surges inside your home, giving you complete surge protection throughout your home.

Lighting over light post Lightning Strikes

If you have a direct lightning strike hit your home, there is nothing man-made that can protect you. But surge protectors will protect you from 99% of all other surges inside and outside of you home.

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