Aluminum Wiring Replacement


Aluminum wiring replacement for older Raleigh area homes from the mid 1960’s to the mid 1970’s is highly recommended. Wiretech owner Mike Jones and his crew have extensive experience upgrading aluminum wiring and other electrical components and systems in older homes in the Raleigh area. Their deep knowledge of the unique challenges in upgrading the wiring and circuitry in older homes is unmatched by any other electricians in the area.

Aluminum wire replacement is critical if your house is from that time period.  You should call Wiretech Company for an electrical safety inspection to check your house for aluminum wiring terminations and to make sure they're properly installed and safe. 

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

From the mid 1960’s to the mid 1970’s aluminum branch circuit wiring was installed in a lot of homes.

Aluminum Wiring Fire Hazard

We have found many problems with the connections that are made with the aluminum wiring to lights, receptacles and switches that can create potential house fires. All homes wired with aluminum wiring should be checked for problems at these connection points.

Wiretech Company uses only CPSC approved AlumiConn connectors at these points of connection along with the recommendation of installing Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters on branch circuits with aluminum wiring to help prevent the possibility of fires.

Aluminum Wiring Fire HazardPlease read these articles for more information. And if you search on Google for "aluminum wiring fires", you'll find additional articles on this topic.


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Aluminum Wiring Replacement and Upgrading