Aluminum Wiring Replacement

Aluminum wiring replacement services for older Raleigh area homes from the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s are highly recommended. Wiretech Company owner Mike Jones and his crew have decades of experience upgrading aluminum wiring and other electrical components and systems in old homes in the Raleigh area. Their in-depth knowledge of the challenges in upgrading the circuitry and wiring in older homes is unmatched by any other electricians in the area.

Aluminum wire replacement is critical if your house is from that time period. You should call Wiretech Company for an electrical safety inspection to check your house for aluminum wiring terminations and make sure they're properly installed and safe.

Aluminum Wiring Replacement

What Is Aluminum Wiring?

Aluminum wiring is electrical wiring that is made with aluminum. Electricians began using this material because it was a cost-effective alternative to the traditional copper. Overall, aluminum wiring is not dangerous in and of itself — it is the specific aluminum alloy used from 1965 to 1972 that poses a fire and safety hazard. This is why replacing aluminum wiring in Raleigh area homes is essential for your safety.

The Hazards of Aluminum Wiring

From the mid-1960s to the mid-1970s, aluminum branch circuit wiring was installed in a lot of homes. It was quickly discovered that aluminum wiring is problematic for many reasons:

  • It is a poorer conductor of electricity, so a larger gauge has to be used to make up the difference.
  • It is soft and easy to damage during installation.
  • It expands and contracts during use — it even comes out from under terminal screws, causing loose connections and overheating.

It is impossible to monitor for issues because warning signs rarely occur before an aluminum wiring failure. All homes wired with aluminum wiring should be checked for problems at these connection points by electrician professionals. We have found many problems with the connections that are made with the aluminum wiring to lights, receptacles and switches that can potentially create house fires.

Aluminum Wiring Fire Hazard

Modern Alternatives to Aluminum Wiring

There are three main options if you have dangerous aluminum wiring connections in your home:

  1. COPALUM connectors: This specialized connector replaces the ends of aluminum wires at each outlet connection. They are stable and reliable, but do not address problems in the wire itself. Installing COPALUM connectors needs to be done by a certified COPALUM Retermination Contractor who has technical training and tools.
  2. AlumiConn connectors: AlumiConn is a specialized connector that pigtails aluminum wires to copper wires at the start and end of every wire, so the copper material is making the connections. This work can be completed by any electrician.
  3. Completely replace aluminum wiring: Replacing your aluminum wiring is the best way to eliminate the hazard. Aluminum wiring replacement in Raleigh needs to be completed by electrician professionals.

As an aluminum wiring replacement electrician in Raleigh, Wiretech Company uses only Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) approved AlumiConn connectors at these points of connection.

We also follow the recommendation of installing arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCIs) on branch circuits with aluminum wiring.  AFCIs detect arcing electrical faults to help prevent high-intensity heating and the possibility of fires.

Aluminum Wiring Fire Hazard

Benefits of Replacing Aluminum Wiring

Replacing your aluminum wiring is recommended if a home inspection determines that your existing electrical system is unsafe, and repairs are not the best solution. When you switch to copper wiring, you'll enjoy benefits like:

  • Greater conductivity: Because copper wiring conducts electricity better than aluminum, it can handle high currents in a smaller wire gauge size.
  • Better durability: Copper wiring is more dense and flexible than aluminum, making it easier to install and repair and less likely to be damaged.
  • Less chance of corrosion: Copper wiring is less susceptible to corrosion than aluminum. Even if it does corrode, its performance will not be affected.
  • Higher durability against overheating: The durability of copper makes it less likely to overheat, reducing the chance of starting a fire.

Learn More About Aluminum Wiring

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