LED & CFL Lighting Services in Raleigh, NC

Light-emitting diodes (LED) lights and compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFL) — or fluorescent light bulbs — are great energy savers and money savers. LED bulbs, in particular, are becoming more affordable every day. Wiretech Company electricians can help you decide which type of bulbs will best fit your unique circumstances and provide you the greatest combination of savings and energy efficiency at a price that makes sense for your budget.

How Do LED Lights Work?

LED light bulbs have changed lightbulb design and efficiency, as they require no filaments or gases to produce light. Though they used to be too expensive for everyday use, LED lighting has dropped dramatically in price —   Plus, their lower operating costs and long life make them the best buy for lightbulbs.

The bulb has two types of semiconductors, and electrons cross its boundary in one direction when a voltage is applied. As the electrons cross, they fill electron holes and release light, so the movement of electrons in the semiconductor material is what illuminates the light.

The lens on the lightbulb reflects this light to increase its intensity and direct the light output. LEDs put out more lumens and have higher luminous efficacy, meaning that they generate more light more efficiently.

How Long Do LED Lights Last?

LED light bulbs have a significantly longer lifespan than other lightbulb types. They can last for upwards of 20 or more years! This is tens of thousands of hours longer than incandescent and CFL bulbs.

Their long-lasting life comes with many benefits. Imagine having no more blown light bulbs at an inconvenient moment! Imagine only having to change your LED light bulb every 20 years! Imagine only having to change that dangerously high 20 foot light in your foyer or stairwell every 20 to 25 years! They also create very little heat which means you don't have to condition a room such as a kitchen with a lot of lights in them as much as you did with incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Wiretech Company's LED lighting installation services will install these long-lasting fixtures throughout your Raleigh, Durham or Chapel Hill home.

How More Efficient Are LED Lights?

LED lights have many advantages, and efficiency is one of them. LED light bulbs use about 85% less energy while still producing the same amount of light! They do not get hot, so most of its energy is used to generate light.

LED efficiency is why this kind of lighting will help save electricity usage and costs. LED lighting design installation in Durham from Wiretech Company will install LED lights under the cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom and throughout your home to take advantage of this efficiency.

How to Replace LED Lights

When switching from incandescent to LED lights, first consider the lumens. The LED light should have the same number of lumens as your existing light, so its brightness is the same. The wattage will be different since the LED uses less.

To replace your LED light:

  1. Turn off and unplug the fixture.
  2. Remove the old lightbulb.
  3. Screw in the new LED bulb slowly.
  4. Plug in the fixture and turn on.

If you notice any issues with your LED lights, Wiretech Company electricians can find the source of the problem and make necessary repairs.

CFL/Fluorescent Lights

What about CFL bulbs? CFL lightbulbs were created as an energy-efficient bulb option for incandescents, and they work by receiving voltage from a ballast. They're recognizable for their spiral, compact design.

CFL/fluorescent light bulbs use about 70% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs. They’re cheaper than LED bulbs and just a little bit more expensive than incandescent bulbs. Plus, they are as easy to install as LED lights. Our fluorescent light bulb installation services will take care of any issues you experience.

But, there are three drawbacks to CFL lights:

  • They need to warm up to reach full brightness.
  • They cannot be used with a dimmer switch.
  • They contain mercury, so they are a small environmental hazard if they break, and they need special disposal when they burn out.

LED vs. Fluorescent Lights

Though they may similar, there are some key differences between LED and fluorescent lights.

CFL bulbs are an alternative to incandescent because they have a longer lifespan. However, they contain toxic mercury. LED bulbs do not contain dangerous or environmentally harmful chemicals while providing an even longer lifespan and less consumption.

Though the price of LED bulbs has decreased, fluorescent lightbulbs are still cheaper. However, LEDs cost savings over time will make up for the initially high price.

Wiretech Company will help you navigate these pros and cons to decide if a CFL lighting fixture installation or recessed LED lighting installation is right for you.

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