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If you're ready to add that dream TV and component system to your home, trust the home theater wiring experts near you. Wiretech Company can mount your TV to the wall and install all of the TV wiring, including surge receptacle and HDMI cables for a clean, professional look. Our home theater wiring and flat panel TV wiring hide the wires so that your media center looks great and avoids visible wires running up your wall.

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TV Wiring Capabilities

When you add your new flatscreen TV to your living or entertainment area, you want to see the TV, not a tangle of wires. Our cable TV wiring installation services will help you with every electrical need for creating your ideal TV room.

Wall-Mounted TV Wiring

Concealing the wires from your wall-mounted TV is ideal for many homeowners. If your TV is installed on drywall, hiding cords behind the wall is simple. When the TV is above the fireplace, hiding wires is still possible, but the work needs to be done by a professional.

You can count on the experience of Wiretech Company's wall-mounted TV wiring services. We have done TV wiring work in many homes in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham and the surrounding areas, and we will provide this same professional service to you.

Concealing TV Wiring

One of the downsides of having a wall-mounted TV is seeing all of your TV cables dangle underneath it. The best way to achieve the clean, wire-free look you want is to run the TV wires behind the wall. This system can accommodate all of your cords and makes it easier to manage.

The electricians from Wiretech Company will find a stud-free section of your wall for the wires to go and make the necessary cuts to create a place for your cords. After the cables are fed into the wall, they'll be out of sight.

Home Theater Wiring Capabilities

Home theaters have a lot of electronic gadgets, from audio speakers to film projectors. Every piece of equipment you include in your home theater setup has specific wiring requirements.

Wiretech Company's home theater wiring services will help you understand what you need. We will take care of the installation work, including hiding the wires. We recommend pre-wiring for theater rooms under construction, which will ensure your cables are tucked away and that there is room for everything you need.

Hiding Audio Wiring in a Home Theater

Since a home theater has a lot of wiring, you may want to hide it away for a better look. Putting the cords behind the wall will improve the appearance of your theater and eliminate tripping hazards. Wiretech Company has worked on many home theater projects and will complete the installation work for a wire-free entertainment area.

Home Theater Surge Protection

Surge protectors are devices that protect your electronics from the damaging surges in the power supply. Getting a surge receptacle installation in your home theater is vital since this equipment can be expensive. Wiretech Company will discuss your surge protection needs with you and install the equipment. You can use your home theater with peace of mind that your equipment and safety are protected.

Your Source for Home Theater Wiring Installation Services

Wiretech Company is your go-to for in-wall wiring for your TV installation or home theater. We have served the greater Triangle area since 1990 with professional wiring installation, and we will meet every need for your project.

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