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Your home lighting increases the ease with which you complete tasks, helps you feel safe and comfortable and creates your desired ambiance in every room. The right lighting can alter the space's mood, adding drama, beauty or relaxing vibes. It can make a large room feel cozy and inviting or a small room open and airy.

If you need reliable lighting installation and repair in the Raleigh area, Wiretech Company is one of the top companies for these services. Whether you want recessed, under-cabinet or track lighting, we can install it to light up the room and create the look you want.

Wiretech Company will also take care of recessed lighting bulb replacements and repairs to get your lights working again. Contact us today about your light installation needs and check out our energy efficiency page — many lighting upgrades can also be substantial energy savers!

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Recessed Lighting Installation In Raleigh NC

Recessed lighting — also called can or pot lights — are light fixtures installed inside a home's surface, like the wall or ceiling. Except for the trim, no part of the light fixture is below the ceiling. You have many options for recessed lightbulbs, including incandescent, halogen, LED and fluorescent lights.

There are many benefits of installing recessed lighting in your home, including:

  • Accent lighting: Since the light fixture is tucked away, the charm and style of recessed lighting come solely from the light itself. Recessed lighting creates beautiful accent lighting in kitchens, family rooms and more.
  • Edge lighting: Our team can install recessed lighting close to the wall to light up the room's edges.
  • Low-profile lighting: Recessed lighting adds light to the room without taking up space. Recessed lighting is ideal for rooms with low ceilings.
  • Customizable illumination direction: Some styles of recess lights can be pointed at the area you want to illuminate.

Recessed lighting requires minimal maintenance. However, frequently used recessed lighting can lead to issues like loose wire connections, worn-out sockets or faulty thermal sensors. If you notice these or any other problems, trust Wiretech Company for recessed lighting repair and replacement!

recessed lighting

LED Under-Cabinet Lighting

Under-cabinet lighting is a fixture installed underneath cabinets as a hard-wired, plug-in or battery-operated unit. Three styles — light bar, tape light and puck — are compatible with LED, incandescent and halogen lightbulbs.

Under-cabinet lighting offers benefits that provide everything you could ask for in a kitchen lighting solution:

  • Looks great: Under-cabinet lights improve the look of the room by adding a unique style, even increasing your home's value.
  • Adds function to your kitchen: They directly illuminate the countertop, making it easier to see when preparing and cooking a meal.
  • Adheres to your budget: Under-cabinet lights are inexpensive, and you can install them on your own, making them a budget-friendly lighting option.
  • Helps the environment: This lighting can help you save on your energy bill since it illuminates a small area.

Call Wiretech Company for beautiful, long-lasting under-cabinet lighting installation in your home!

Track Lighting

Track lighting is a lighting system with a wired track with light fixture heads. They are a great way to spruce up any part of your home. Track lighting is used to illuminate pictures, art, sculptures, your grandma’s antique vase or any area you want. Many varieties are available, from standard straight-line tracks to flexible pendant-hung tracks.

Track lighting fixture installation requires an experienced electrician to complete. They will have the knowledge needed to cut the pieces, splice the circuit and hang the fixture on the ceiling or wall. Call Wiretech Company for track lighting installation in your home!

Dimmer Installation

Dimmers allow you to control the level of light in a room. You can reduce your electrical usage during the day, making the most of sunlight coming through the windows, then turn the brightness up in the evening. Dimmers help you lower your electricity usage while also prolonging the life span of your lightbulbs.

Dimmers also work well for controlling the ambiance in a room. Whether you're entertaining guests, watching a movie or want to soothe your children to sleep, you can do so with the right lighting. Many rooms can benefit from having dimmer switches, from bedrooms to entertainment spaces.

There are many types of dimmers to choose from. They can control your home's recessed or track lighting, lamps or other fixtures. You can also select the switch style and cover that match your preferences.

Permanent dimmers require professional installation. Turn to our team for in-home wiring needs to ensure your dimmers work properly.

Light Switch Repair and Replacement in Raleigh

Many people take light switches for granted. We can easily turn them off and on without thinking much about what will happen if something goes wrong. However, after years of use, light switches can wear out.

Signs that you might need to hire light switch repair services include:

  • Lights that don't turn on or off.
  • Lights that flicker.
  • Plugs that become loose.
  • Light switches that emit a buzzing sound.
  • Smells that resemble something burning.
  • Heat coming from the light switch that is unexplainable.

If you notice any of these issues, contact a professional immediately. Installing a new light switch involves many steps, from examining and removing old wires to attaching the new fixture. An experienced electrician will do the job right and ensure your lighting systems work correctly.

Choose Wiretech Company for Lighting, Switches and Dimmers

When your light switch starts showing signs of wear, Wiretech Company is here to help. We are trained to find and fix light switch problems in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham areas. With our assistance, you can be confident that when you turn on the switch, you will turn on those lights and start your day the right way! Contact us to get started.