Electrical Service Panel Installation and Repair Services in Raleigh, NC

Electrical Service Panel Installation and Repair Services

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Your electric service panel, fuse box or circuit breaker panel directs your electricity supply through the main cable and supplies your home's circuits with power to keep everything running smoothly. We advise yearly breaker box inspections and replacing outdated parts with quality components like a new electrical panel. We recommend and install the Cutler-Hammer Type CH Electrical Service Panel with a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.

Understand Malfunctioning Causes

Several things can cause your service panel to malfunction, including:

  • Old age and corrosion

  • Damaged parts or poor wiring material

  • Poor maintenance or improper installation

  • Loose connections

  • Being too small for demand (usually less than 200amps)

  • Partial disconnect from busbars, breakers and others

  • Outlet problems like short circuits

Fire Hazard

Old Circuit Panel

Hazardous, outdated, electrical service panel

Modern & Safe

New Circuit Panel

New, modern, electrical service panel

Fire Hazards

Since your electrical panel serves as the second voltage checkpoint between the transformer and outlet, it serves as safety equipment. The box must trip — or switch off — if overloaded with electricity. Failing to do so can result in overheating, which causes electrical fires and melts insulation.

Check for These Brands

Consider a replacement if your service panel is from Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) or Zinsco and Sylvania. FPE technology is outdated and was installed in American homes from the 1950s to the 1980s, whereas Zinsco and Sylvania panels have a reputation for failing to trip. The issues associated with both brands mean the circuit breakers can be fire hazards.

Upgrade Your Setup

We recommend an electric panel upgrade if your electrical system is outdated or your circuit breaker comes from one of these brands. Panels less than 200 amps should also be upgraded for improved function and peace of mind.

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