Residential Electrical Repairs

If you live in Raleigh and need electrical repairs, trust Wiretech Company to provide high-quality services.


If you have issues with your outlets, our team is here to help. We provide high-quality electrical repair and recessed outlet replacements that are safe for your home. Wiretech Company offers several types of electrical outlets, including:

  • Recessed outlets and TV outlet boxes.
  • Ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • Tamper-resistant outlets.

You can trust our team to install the right ones for your home.

Appliance Wiring

Whether you're adding new appliances to your home or replacing existing sets, Wiretech Company can handle your wiring needs. We can wire many new appliances, such as dishwashers, dryers and ovens. Our team can also set up car lift wiring for at-home mechanics.

Circuit Panels

We understand the importance of your circuit panels — they keep your power running smoothly. We fix malfunctioning panels, replace old setups, perform inspections and provide other services for your circuit panels.

Surge Protection

Our team installs whole-home surge protection that will keep your electronics safe through most power surges. We'll connect the protection to your electrical service box to keep your electrical system safe, along with everything attached to it.

LED and CFL Lightbulbs

Our team will help you determine the ideal bulb type for your home. Whether you want LEDs or CFLs, you can rely on us to install lighting fixtures that provide energy savings while aligning with your budget.

Electric Vehicle Home Charging Stations

If you have an electric vehicle or are considering buying one, you might want a home charging station. We are a Tesla Referred Contractor, allowing us to install Tesla-specific equipment. We also install home charging stations for other electric or hybrid vehicles to make charging your car easier.

TV Wiring

Our team can conceal the wires from wall-mounted TVs, ensuring everything works and looks less distracting. Wiretech Company can also provide wiring services for home theater setups, including TV, audio and surge systems.

Lighting, Switches and Dimmers

We can help you get the style, efficiency and ambiance you want with our lighting installation and repair services. Our team works with recessed, under-cabinet and track lighting. We can also repair or replace light switches or add dimmers.

Ceiling Fans

Whether you have a ceiling fan already or want one installed, our team offers installation and repair services you can trust. Improve air circulation and temperature regulation with the help of a new ceiling fan today.

Wiring for Additions and Remodels

Remodeling your home or adding to it likely calls for new wiring solutions. We can install wiring for additions to your home's electrical panel or create sub-panels. Our team handles electrical permits and inspections using only the best processes for home wiring. 

Choose Wiretech Company for North Carolina Electrical Repairs and Installation

At Wiretech Company, our electricians can perform any residential wiring services you need. Our flat-rate pricing helps you know what you will pay for our services with no hidden fees. You can count on us to quickly and effectively complete your wiring work at your Raleigh home.

We also provide a five-year, full-service warranty to help ensure your satisfaction. Contact our team online to schedule service today!