Chapel Hill Electrical Services

It’s essential to keep up with electrical safety inspections in your Chapel Hill home and book services to ensure that your systems are high-functioning and safe. At Wiretech Company, we’ve provided our customers with top-of-the-line electrical maintenance, replacements and repairs for over 30 years. As a trusted electrician in Chapel Hill, you can rely on us for all your home electrical service needs.

Residential Electrical Services in Chapel Hill

When you choose us for residential electrical services, our skilled and knowledgeable technicians will provide you with the assistance you need to make your home a safe and energy-efficient space. We will repair, replace and upgrade your home electrical systems to prevent future complications, enhance your current systems and ultimately save you money.

We offer a wide range of home electrical services in Chapel Hill:

Electrical Vehicle Charger Installation in Chapel Hill

For Tesla charging station installation in Chapel Hill, choose Wiretech Company. We are the top Tesla-referred contractor in the area, which means you can trust us will your electrical vehicle (EV) charging needs. EV charging stations are dependable and convenient, allowing users to power their car batteries overnight or reload them during the day.

When you book EV installation services, our highly trained technicians will provide you with the best customer service while seamlessly installing your charging station. Our installation process includes:

  • A site visit. We will come to your location to inspect your electrical panel, determining its condition and load calculation.
  • Price estimates: We’ll provide you with a price estimate depending on the load calculation and location of your panel.
  • Installation: Our skilled technicians will efficiently install your charging station.
  • Follow-up inspection: We’ll make sure your system is functioning properly with a follow-up inspection.

Chapel Hill EV Charging Incentives

Residential EV charging systems have two levels of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). Level 1 EVSE typically adds 2 to 5 miles per hour when charging, while Level 2 EVSE is suitable for all EVs, adding 10 to 60 miles per hour.

You can receive individualized utility incentives through a range of North Carolina providers when you install a Level 2 EVSE charging station in your home. These rebates depend on your energy provider but are meant to offset costs and encourage energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Electrical Safety Inspections in Chapel Hill

We want you to feel protected and secure in your home. That’s why we offer electrical safety inspections that:

  • Ensure your systems are functioning properly.
  • Provide safety solutions for your home.
  • Minimize energy costs and consumption.
  • Help you pass your insurance risk assessment inspection.
  • Identify existing problems before they become major hazards.
  • Assess electrical systems before you purchase a home.

Our technicians adhere to National Electrical Code (NEC) standards when inspecting your home and follow our extensive safety checklist.

Schedule a Tesla Charging Station Installation for Your Chapel Hill Home

For residential electrical services and EV charging station installations, choose Wiretech Company. We have been serving the Raleigh, North Carolina, area since 1990, offering industry-leading five-year warranties on a variety of high-quality services.

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