Energy efficiency rating

Energy Efficiency

I had read a while back that a way to conserve energy and save on our electric bill was to unplug our phone chargers when they weren’t in use. Who would have thought that such small and simple energy efficiency ideas could save us a bit of money! So being my normal OCD self, I started […]


Getting to Know Our Field Supervisor

Michael Lashley has been with Wiretech since 2011. He was hired as an electrical technician and now serves as our Field Supervisor/Estimator. I sat down with Michael last week to ask a few questions – check out what he had to say!   Q: How long have you been doing electrical work? A: I sparked my […]


What is Aluminum Wiring, Anyways?

A lot of people don’t realize the seriousness of aluminum wiring in any living space. Below you will read about the “short-lived” history and how it can effect your home currently. Aluminum branch circuit wiring was installed for only a brief period of time, during the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. It’s clearly apparent why it’s […]

Recessed loose outlet

That Dang Electrical Outlet!

Have you ever been arranging your living room and wanted a side table and lamp in a certain spot but then found out that the electrical outlet doesn’t work? You think it’s not really a big deal, you’ll just use another outlet in the room. Believe it or not, just brushing off the fact that […]

electrical home safety inspections

New Year, New Priorities

Here we are again, welcoming another year. The holidays are over and now it’s time for making resolutions and getting priorities straight. Why not start with getting your house safe for the year – making sure everything is up to code or being absolutely positive that there is no chance for any sudden electrical mishaps.

christmas light dangers

Christmas Light Dangers

Everybody has a friend like the Griswold’s… You know, the ones that have enough Christmas lights that they can be seen on Google Earth. While Christmas lights are beautiful, Christmas light dangers are very real! Wiretech owner Mike Jones has one of those friends. One Christmas some time ago, Mike and his wife visited their […]


Meanwhile in North Carolina…

According to all of the weather and local news channels, our Autumn is going to be one of lots of rain and not many pretty sweater weather days like we’ve hoped. Personally, I thought I’d be able to do cute fall crafts with my little girl under our pretty trees in the front yard, but […]

Wiretech Company - Raleigh Electricians

Celebrating 25 Years of Electrical Service!

Mike’s first “shop” 1990 September marks 25 years that Wiretech Company has been in business. The company has grown so much  and is still growing with an excellent crew and great rates. I sat down with the founder, Michael Jones, to ask a few questions about his career.   Q: Why did you decide to […]

Image of Lightning strike - Surge Protection from Wiretech Company Raleigh

Surge Protection

Today’s the day. The day the biggest game of the season is going to be on ESPN. You’ve got your buddies coming over for food and drinks, all overly excited to watch on your new 55″ flat screen! About an hour before kickoff, you grab the remote to the TV, press the power button, but […]