Hanging light bulbs

Fun Facts about Light

The whole world and our entire lives revolve around light. It is the sun that wakes us up, and it’s the light bulb that keeps our days going through the darkest nights. Lights captivate us completely like fireflies are drawn to their hypnotic brightness. But there are still many fascinating facts about light that you […]

Lights over a city

A Life Without Electricity

  It’s hard to imagine life without one of what we modern humans consider as one of the basic needs – electricity. Our lives revolve around this crucial invention, sequentially making our existence so much easier and comfortable. Our way of life is so heavily dependent on electricity that it’s safe to say that we […]

Measuring the Electrical Sockets

Preparing for a Home Electrical Inspection

With proper electrical installations, electrical malfunctions in the home don’t happen regularly. But when they do, it may already be too late to prevent disaster. Wiretech Company are professionals at performing electrical inspections of both newer and older homes to help homeowners avoid the high cost of future electrical system problems and faulty wiring. An electrical […]

We Recommend Using Surge Protectors

Protecting Your Home From Power Surges

Over the course of a single year, most homes will experience upwards of 300 power surges. That leaves only 60 days a year without a power surge! While most surges are minor, and have little effect or go unnoticed altogether, some power surges can cause serious damage to your home’s electrical systems, or appliances. Fortunately, […]

Refrigerators, Oven, and Washing Machine

Saving Energy with the Appliances Around Your Home

Do you know how much electricity your appliances use every day? Your major appliances like your dishwasher, your stove, and your refrigerator stay plugged in all the time and unless they are Energy Star approved, maybe be costing you quite a bit on your energy bill. Fortunately, there are some simple adjustments you can make […]

Adjusting the Temperature on the Digital Thermostat

6 Ways to Improve Home Energy Efficiency in the Winter

During the cold winter months, we tend to rely on our heating systems more. Even our lights get more use as the days get shorter. It’s easy for those months to become costly to our energy bills. Fortunately, much of that increased cost is pretty easy to offset. Your Wiretech team is here to help […]

Electrical Control Board with Aluminum Wiring

Replacing the Aluminum Wiring in Your Home

Through the mid-60s and 70s, as the Vietnam Era was progressing, home builders were encountering a problem: copper was becoming too expensive for use in residential homes. As copper was being used for the war effort, they needed an alternative material to wire homes. They found this in the aluminum wiring. Unfortunately, aluminum electrical wire […]

EV Charging Station

What You Need To Know About EV Charging

Every year more and more electric and hybrid vehicles hit the road, displaying the ongoing evolution of the automotive industry. If you’re considering such a vehicle for yourself or your family, you’ll also need a way to charge those vehicles, which means installing an EV charging station. Your Wiretech Company team is here with a […]

LED Lightbulbs

Saving Money with LEDs

When purchasing light bulbs, you might not think much about the technology that’s inside them. But with recent advances and price reductions in energy-efficient LED light bulbs, it might make you think twice. In fact, depending on the energy costs where you live, you might be able to save up to 20% on your annual […]

Changing the thermostat

8 Simple Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Unless it’s mid-to-late Spring or early-to-mid fall, odds are you’re constantly running the heater or air conditioner. It can be difficult to get comfortable during our North Carolina summers and winters, but worse, getting comfortable could be costing you more than you think. It’s not just your heating and cooling bill that might be costing […]