Most Affordable Electric Vehicles for First-Time EV Owners

Most Affordable Electric Vehicles for First-Time EV Owners As a first-time electric vehicle owner, you want to make a cost-effective and worthwhile investment. The competitive EV market continues to drive down the cost of owning an electric vehicle. Many electric cars offer high performance, comfortable drive and innovative technology at budget-friendly prices. They also provide compatible at-home […]

Electrical Safety When Using an EV Charging Station

As a homeowner, you want to ensure your family and home are safe from electrical faults and danger. Installing your electric vehicle (EV) charging station correctly is vital for maintaining that safety. Understanding how to avoid electrical hazards with EV charges can help protect your family and home. Fire Hazards With EV Chargers While fire is […]

What's the Cost of Using an EV Charging Station

What’s the Cost of Using an EV Charging Station?

As an electric vehicle (EV) owner, you want to find the most efficient vehicle charging method. The cost of using EV charging stations can vary depending on how much their owners decide to charge. It can also vary based on the EV charging level and charger type. While some stations offer free charging, most require various recharge […]

Driving and Maintaining Electric Vehicles During the Winter

Driving and Maintaining Electric Vehicles During the Winter

There are numerous advantages to having an electric vehicle (EV), including lower running costs and reduced carbon emissions. It is estimated that less than 1% of the vehicles on the road in the United States currently are electric. However, the EV trend is growing, with experts estimating that electric vehicles will make up nearly 45% of new […]

Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor EV Chargers

If you own an electric vehicle (EV), having an EV charging station in your home is a convenient way to ensure your vehicle is always ready to go. With an EV charging station, you also have the option of installing it inside your garage or outside your home. While deciding whether you want to place your EV […]

What Is the Difference Between Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 Charging?

Refueling a gas or diesel-powered car is relatively straightforward in that you insert your card, select a fuel blend and begin pumping your gas. However, the recharging process with electric vehicles is a little more complex. While there are several reasons why this process is different, such as every EV accepts different power amounts, the […]

What Is an Electrical Circuit Overload?

A circuit overload occurs when more electricity than your circuit can handle is introduced to the system. An electrical circuit has a safety feature to prevent circuit overload that cuts off electricity at a dangerous level. When overload protection is triggered, the circuit breaker trips and opens, cutting off the power supply to the unit. […]

What Metals Are Used in Electrical Wires and Cables?

Whether you’re working on a home remodeling project or trying to figure out the wiring for your new home addition, you may want to learn more about the different types of cables and wires you may come into contact with. A wire is a medium used to conduct electricity from one point to another. A […]

What maintenance do electric vehicle chargers need?

What Maintenance Do Electric Vehicle Chargers Need?

Maybe you’re considering installing a Level 3 electric vehicle (EV) charger in your garage for personal use, adding multiple chargers to your company’s employee parking lot or investing in commercial charging stations to take advantage of the growing demand for electric vehicles. No matter your purposes, there other consdierations for you  beyond the intial cost, […]

What you need to know about home electrical wiring

What You Need to Know About Home Electrical Wiring

If you’re contemplating a DIY electrical wiring project, you need to be equipped with the right tools, parts and safety practices. Below, we’ll cover the essential concepts in basic residential wiring, including home electrical wiring colors, types of electrical wires and other practical information. Common Types of Electrical Wire Used in Homes Before getting into […]