Tips for Cleaning Light Fixtures

Cleaning light fixtures is an important way to keep lights bright. Regular cleaning also prevents dust and cobwebs from becoming unsightly and makes your bulbs more efficient by allowing more of the light to shine through.

Fortunately, light fixtures are easy to clean. All you need is a ladder or some way to access your fixtures, a very slightly damp cloth and some know-how. Before you begin, be sure to turn off the lights and keep the power to all of them off to reduce the risk of a shock.

Cleaning Bathroom Light Fixtures

Bathroom track lighting is simple to clean. Remove the bulb and wipe it down with a slightly damp cloth, then wipe down the housing for the bulb. Allow both to dry completely and reinsert the bulb. Avoid using a wet cloth. If any of your fixtures have manuals, read them for any additional cleaning instructions.

Cleaning Chandeliers

Start by removing the bulbs and wiping them down with a non-abrasive cloth. Use the cloth on the base of the chandelier, too. Remove the crystals, pendants and saucers and soak them in warm water with a bit of glass-safe detergent. A very mild soap is best, and you will want to test the soap on a small part of the chandelier first to make sure it doesn’t leave spots or cause damage.

As you clean, keep track of where each part goes. You may wish to draw a diagram or keep everything in the order you need to reassemble.

Once all the removable parts of the chandelier have had time to soak, wipe and dry each piece quickly to create the best shine. Once you are done, reassemble the chandelier.

Cleaning Recessed Lights

To clean recessed lights, remove the bulb and canister housing. Wipe down both and reassemble before reinserting into the ceiling. Recessed lights are common with very high ceilings. If this is the case in your home, make sure to position the ladder directly under the light so you don’t have to reach or stretch.

Cleaning Fixtures With Shades

You can clean glass shades with a glass-friendly mild soap, while fabric ones may respond best to a vacuum cleaner attachment and a gentle touch. It’s best to wipe paper shades with a dry cloth. Once they develop stains, you can try a soft artist’s eraser — but generally, stains mean you’ll need to replace the shade. As for beaded shades, you can vacuum them or wipe them very gently with a soft cloth.

Cleaning Outdoor Light Fixtures

You may need to clean outdoor fixtures more often, since they’re exposed to the elements and may attract moths and other insects. Remove the globe or outer portion and the bulb. Wipe down the bulb and wash the globe with soapy water. You may need to scrub any soiled areas. Unlike indoor fixtures, most outdoor fixtures can stand a little elbow grease. Thoroughly dry the globe and reassemble it.

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