How To Choose the Right Type of Light for Each Room

The right lighting for your home does more than protect you from stubbed toes. Choosing the best light bulbs for different rooms and the right fixtures for each area of your home can change your décor, the mood of each space, the functionality of your house and even the way you feel and function in each room.

Lighting Requirements for Different Rooms

Here’s how you can consider the best lighting options for different rooms in your home.

Living Room Lighting

Your living room area should be welcoming and functional, allowing you to read a book or lower the lights to watch a movie. In this room, you’ll want overall or ambient light from recessed light fixtures or a pendant light, chandelier, sconces or track lights to give you control over overhead lights. You can also create a beautiful effect with an accent light, such as a wall light, in one corner, focused on a piece of art or a table.

Bathroom Lighting

Bathrooms can be challenging to light. You may not want strong lights when you’re having a soak in the tub, but you may need a very bright and strong light when you’re shaving or putting on makeup. An overhead light and sconces or vanity lights on either side of the mirror fit the bill. You can leave just the vanity lights on when you want relaxed lighting or turn on overhead and vanity lights when you need strong light to work by.

Kitchen Lighting

The kitchen needs excellent lighting to help prevent meal-prep mishaps. Overhead lights in the form of pendant lights or track lights help you direct light where it needs to go. Under-cabinet kitchen lights are a good way to illuminate kitchen counters and the sink.

Bedroom Lighting

Whether you’re relaxing or watching a movie, soft light is ideal in the bedroom. Overhead lights such as track lighting can offer enough light to read by, and you can angle them toward the closet when you get ready in the mornings. If the bedroom is larger, a chandelier or pendant light in the dressing area can also help you get dressed in a good light.

The Best Lightbulbs for Different Rooms

When trying to get the best lighting for different rooms, you can make a big change just by switching up the light bulbs. You can choose from the following options:

  • Incandescent: These are the typical round lightbulbs that have been popular since the 1900s. They are not energy-efficient, but they do create a warm light. They come in many styles, including “vintage” styles which look great in pendant fixtures and purple, rose or other colors that cast a soft light in bedrooms.
  • Halogen: These bulbs use up to 20% less energy than incandescent bulbs and create white, vivid light. They are great for kitchens and offices because they offer a sunlight-like effect.
  • CFLs: Compact florescent bulbs last longer than incandescent bulbs and use about 75% less energy. They are generally cooler in tone, though you can find a range of types for offices and bedrooms and every room of your home.
  • LEDs: These bulbs last longer than CFLs and are as energy-efficient. They now come in many styles, including the same appearance and softness as incandescent bulbs.

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