Why Switch to an Electric Vehicle?

Over the last decade, the use of electric cars has grown by millions. Now making up a significant portion of the vehicle market, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming well-known for their practicality and smooth operational performance. If you’re wondering if switching to an EV is worth it, they have many advantages. Read on to learn about the environmental and practical benefits of electric vehicles.

Rise of Electric Vehicles

While electric vehicles have existed for around 200 years, these machines have seen a sharp uptick in performance and efficiency in recent decades. There are a few reasons for this. One, the growing concern of carbon pollution has become more prevalent with the widespread adoption of gasoline vehicles in high-population areas. Choosing to drive an EV can help offset this pollution.

Another factor that boosted the development of better electric cars was the rise in gas prices in the early 2000s. Gasoline prices are constantly changing, meaning that the cost-effectiveness of driving a gas-powered vehicle can vary from year to year.

Now, many car companies are manufacturing their own electric cars. As of 2019, almost 5 million people used them globally, and that number is only expected to grow. Some sources project that sales will reach over 40 million in the next decade!

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

The efficiency and environmental benefits of EVs have made them the ideal solution for people looking to change vehicles. Some of the current advantages of EVs include:

  • Cost-efficiency. Did you know that, in many cases, operating an electric car costs only a fraction of the cost of a gas-powered vehicle? Electricity prices are typically cheaper and more consistent than gas. This could result in a major budget improvement.
  • Superior performance: Electric cars are efficient and known for offering a smoother performance compared to gas-powered vehicles. They also have quick reaction times and provide excellent torque, which helps them better navigate the road.
  • Safer operation: Electric cars are stable, durable and often easier to maintain than their counterparts. Because they use batteries instead of gas, they also have a lower chance of fire or explosion.
  • Energy efficiency: A major benefit of electric cars is that they waste far less energy than gas vehicles. While EV batteries usually convert almost 80% of their energy into power, gasoline only uses about 12-30%.
  • Home charging convenience: We have Tesla home charging station electricians in Raleigh, NC, who are available to help you install an EV charger right in your garage. Who needs a gas station when you can fill up your car with energy at home each night?

Contact Us to Learn More About the Advantages of Electric Vehicles

The efficiency of electric cars vs. gasoline vehicles is a difference too wide to ignore. Electric cars have an important part to play in the future of car sales, so consider buying one for yourself today. You can also learn more about our home EV charger installation options in Raleigh by contacting us.