Why you should install GFCI Outlets in your home

GFCI outlet

Safety is an important consideration in your home; especially where electricity is concerned. One of the most common perils when dealing with electricity is the danger of electrocution, or death caused by electrical shock. Electrocution is usually caused by a Ground Fault, which happens when the “hot” wire touches any area of a grounded device or even the grounded part of a junction box. Dampness and moisture are two of the main causes of ground faults, and outlets that are near water or plumbing are highly susceptible to them. Ground faults may also be caused by damaged wiring insulation, old wiring, and environmental conditions like rain.

One way to insure that your home and its electrical systems are safe from ground faults is by installing Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters or GFCI outlets. These outlets are specifically designed to prevent the danger of electric shock by automatically cutting the power when it detects an interruption or imbalance in the circuit; thus preventing electrocution. The GFCI outlet monitors the amount of power going to any electrical device plugged into it and “trips” the circuit when it detects a potentially dangerous mismatch of electricity flowing from the outlet’s “hot” slot to its “neutral” slot. It can detect mismatches as minute as 4-5 milliamps, and it can activate as quickly as one-thirtieth of a second. That’s because human muscles can “freeze” at voltages of around 10 milliamps; and a person touching a wire or grounded object will be unable to let go and potentially die from just 2 seconds of exposure to that amount of electricity.
GFCI Outlets are suitable for areas located near plumbing and water; or areas that are exposed to rain and the elements. Of course, many homeowners who have pets and children install GFCI outlets all throughout the house. They are a great investment; needing only monthly testing. With proper care, they should be good for approximately 10 years.
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