Electrical Safety for Kids

Child playing with an electrical device


Kids; especially young kids and toddlers, are a curious lot: they like to explore, and they learn things by experience, touch, and play. Because of this, they sometimes become exposed to potential accidents and hazards. In the home; one of these hazards is electricity. If left to their own devices; children may try to play with wiring or open electrical circuits and outlets. So it goes without saying that you should always keep your home safe from electrical hazards and dangers. 

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Make your kids aware of electricity’s dangerous effects – Talk to your kids about what electricity can do to the human body. There are many good videos online that explain this topic to kids if you need visual aids and help. Teach them not to touch non-insulated leads and terminals; and not to touch wires and connections which have loose or missing insulation.

Teach your children the proper way of using electrical equipment and appliances – Teach them not to plug multiple devices into just one outlet or extension cord. Remind them to always switch off and unplug devices and appliances when they’re done using them; or when they leave the room.

Make it safe for kids to use electrical connections, outlets, and other electrical equipment – Use GFCI Outlets and Plastic Outlet Safety Caps to keep kids safe from outlet accidents. Also, keep electrical cords and wiring tucked and hidden away to prevent pets from trying to chew on them; and to keep kids from playing with the cords or tripping over them.

It’s never too early to teach your kids about electrical safety; and to take measures to keep them safe while they use electrical appliances and equipment. Be sure to give them constant reminders about the topic and supervise them as they handle electric devices, outlets, and connections.Wiretech Company provides a range of Electrical Safety Services such as Electrical Safety Inspections for your Home, Circuit Panel upgrades and repair, Aluminum Wiring replacement, and Surge Protection installation. Call us up at 919-372-4438 or contact us online for all of your questions, for more information, and to book our services.