A Life Without Electricity

Lights over a city


It’s hard to imagine life without one of what we modern humans consider as one of the basic needs – electricity. Our lives revolve around this crucial invention, sequentially making our existence so much easier and comfortable. Our way of life is so heavily dependent on electricity that it’s safe to say that we could not live our normal lives without it.

But what if it were to just disappear? What if electricity was to just cease existing the next moment you wake up, and you couldn’t open your computer or store things in your fridge anymore? What would life be like without electricity?

There have been many depictions in science fiction about how the world would be without electricity; they’re all mostly dystopian but it isn’t as farfetched as it seems.

  • Without electricity, almost all of the objects we use would become useless.
  • The medical industry would collapse and medical operations would fail.
  • Our cities would crumble in chaos and confusion for not being able to post on the web or read other posts.
  • Life as we know it would change for the worse like slower travel, hotter surroundings, little communication, and long waiting period for information.

Thank goodness we don’t ever have to see that happen because of all the people out there who are working, maintaining, and innovating the world as we know it.

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