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• Easy Energy Efficiency Ideas for Your Home •

I had read a while back that a way to conserve energy and save on our electric bill was to unplug our phone chargers when they weren't in use. Who would have thought that such small and simple energy efficiency ideas could save us a bit of money! So being my normal OCD self, I started unplugging EVERYTHING - literally, y' chargers, Keurig, lamps, my husbands hair clippers, etc. But then my husband got a little irritated when he went to get a cup of coffee one morning and had to wait for the machine to warm up.

My husband also has a tendency of leaving lights and our bedroom Energy Efficiency Ideastelevision on when he's not in the room. He will be watching the news while still in bed on a Saturday morning, then go out in the kitchen for breakfast, then sit down in the living room and watch something on DVR. Let's see...the TV in our room is still on, the kitchen lights are still on, and now the living room TV is on - y'all have no idea how much this bothers me. I then go into those rooms and turn off everything.

So we decided that there were other ways to conserve energy. Changing regular light bulbs to CFLs, getting one of those programmable thermostats to change the temp while you're not at home...There are so many ways to save energy and money this summer. It's already super humid and I know that I don't want to get a high electrical bill unexpectedly.

Check out these energy efficiency ideas on ways to keep your house energy efficient.

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