Celebrating 25 Years of Electrical Service!

first shop 2

Mike’s first “shop” 1990

September marks 25 years that Wiretech Company has been in business. The company has grown so much  and is still growing with an excellent crew and great rates. I sat down with the founder, Michael Jones, to ask a few questions about his career.


Q: Why did you decide to do residential repair and service work as opposed to commercial or new construction?

A: I began my electrical career in 1979 doing residential remodel work on old houses and always enjoyed it. My commercial experience was limited to only a few years and I never really liked doing commercial work. We did our share of new houses through the years but when the Great Recession hit I had to think outside of the box. I went to a meeting with Eaton Certified Contractor Network that was led by a guy with a huge electrical service company in Florida. This guy explained how flat rate pricing worked and how it could be adjusted to your changes in cost, I was sold from then on. New construction is cut throat and had died out during the recession

Wiretech Company - Raleigh Electricians

Wiretech shop in 2015

so I decided to put my efforts into flat rate residential service work and I love it. It requires a skilled electrician with a great sales mind and big personality which I had always been very good at from the days I did side work for homeowners. I love helping people out and what better way to help them out than to fix a broken light or install a new circuit for their new appliance or show them how they can make their home safe.


Q: Has Wiretech flourished the way that you thought it would in the beginning?

A: I assume you mean the beginning of the service work. The answer is YES, even more than I thought it would early on. I see the future of Wiretech Company as a service company that only services homeowners. You can’t be a good service company and do all of the other kinds of electrical work, you must concentrate on only doing service work so your customers get the best job possible.


Q: What are your plans for the future of your company?

A: My plans are to be the top rated electrical service company in the area. We want customers that will only allow our service technicians to handle all of their electrical needs. The customer is number 1 and will get our undivided attention.


Q: Any advice to others wanting to start an electrical repair business?

A: Yes. Know your cost so you know what to charge in order to make a profit. And the main thing is to never give up. You are going to go through hard times but you must persevere. This business is not for the faint of heart, you must be on top of everything from customer care to watching your profit margins. When you start a business you are more than an electrician now, you are a business person. Just because you’re a great electrician does not mean you are a great business person, that takes a while to develop. That’s where the never give up part comes in. And last but not least, always treat your employees well for they are the ones representing you and your business, if they aren’t happy it will show in their work.


Happy 25 years to Wiretech Company!

Thanks to all of our customers and contractors who have helped make this business what it is today!

You’re greatly appreciated!